What We Do
Na Bhios Sinn a' Dèanamh

The Highland Council Countryside Rangers run many events and guided walks which aim to help raise awareness and encourage appreciation of the scenery, wildlife and heritage of the Highlands. There is a wide range of events and activities, which are aimed at local communities and visitors alike. For further details of events in your area, visit the Countryside events page HERE.
For details of where you can meet the Rangers at festivals, games and other community gatherings in 2014, please see the Festivals and Open Days diary.

The Highland Countryside Rangers also have responsibilities for:

• The promotion of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code
• Contributing to the Highland Council's Biodiversity duties
• Promoting Eco-school status for all schools in the Highland Council area
• The management of a large number of countryside sites throughout the Highland Council Area
• Volunteer days

The Highland Council also operates a Ranger Service on The Great Glen Way and The West Highland Way, two of Scotland's Great Trails network. You will find their events listed on the calendar along with other Ranger Services in the Highlands.
There are other Ranger Services in the Highlands, many of which have events that you can enjoy and participate in. See our links page for more information and contact details.

To find a Highland Council Countryside Ranger in your area click here.