Great Glen Way 👣 Slighe a'Ghlinne Mhòir

What to See
Na Chithear

When travelling along the Glen, you should have a map with you helping you to find your way and identify local features. However there are certain things along the Ways that we often get asked about, for example what are the big pipes on that Fort William hillside? What is the blue factory on Loch Ness? Why is there a manmade stone cave along that footpath?

The Rangers want to help you get the most out of your visit, and have therefore produced an A4 booklet called What to see on the Ways (pdf, 1mb), featuring some of the main mystery sights that you don't find out about in maps or guide books. We've also included a short 'Gaelic Guide', helping you to work out where some of Scotland's most common place names come from. This is free to download - just click on the image below.

We have also produced a Cloudspotter's Guide (pdf, 562kb) which you can print and bring along. Learning how to identify different types of clouds as they travel over the Great Glen's beautiful lochs and hilltops can provide hours of fun! Simply click on the image below and happy spotting!

Fancy more information sheets about the route? Check out our Wildlife Page for free downloadable material on plant, tree, water, air and land life along the Ways!