Great Glen Way 👣 Slighe a'Ghlinne Mhòir

Canoe Trail
Slighe Churaichean

Scotland's first formal Canoe Trail opened in March 2012. Following a rise in the number of paddlers using the Glen, the Canoe Trail aims to:

- Provide guidance and support when planning your adventure

- Provide facilities whilst en route, like toilets and interpretation

- Maintain the local environment

For more information please see the Great Glen Canoe Trail website.

Great Glen Canoe Trail Guidebook

ISBN 978-1-906095-31-4

This guidebook contains everything you need to know about planning your adventure. Crammed with gems of information about paddling and the Trail - including craft choice, planning your route, food required, safety information as well as pre-trail practice. It is a 'must buy' book to help make your adventure safer and much more enjoyable.

The guidebook is written by Donald Macpherson, Project Officer for the Trail, and costs £12.99. It is available online, through Pesda Press or at British Waterways outlets along the Great Glen.