Great Glen Way 👣 Slighe a'Ghlinne Mhòir


Ospreys and oystercatchers, bog myrtle and butterwort, wild boar and wildcats... Not only is the Great Glen rich in cultural history, the natural history here is second to none.

Big Ten in the Great Glen!

Here are the top ten creatures for you to keep an eye out for in the Glen, as chosen by the Rangers.

  • Red Deer
  • Buzzard
  • Red Squirrel
  • Osprey
  • Wood Ant
  • Pine Marten
  • Raven
  • Wild Boar
  • Crossbill
  • Black Grouse

What can you spot?

Monitoring the biodiversity in the Glen is a vital part of the Rangers' job, and YOU can help! We're really interested in any wildlife sightings you may have during your time here. Please contact us for a Wildlife Card (pdf, 413kb), or download one here to use during your trip. Then simply post it back to us, free of charge.

Need a little help?

We have also produced some free Spotter's Guides for you to download and print, if you need a little help along the way. We hope to entertain as well as educate, so have also included a variety of translations, myths and folklore from the Highlands and beyond.

Plants and Flowers Spotters Sheet (pdf, 786kb)
Illustrated guide to plants & flowers along the route

Trees and Shrubs Spotters Sheet (pdf, 2.26mb)
Illustrated guide to trees & shrubs along the route

Wildlife Spotters Sheet (pdf, 4.39mb)
Illustrated guide to birds, mammals, insects and waterlife along the route

Midge and Tick Advice Sheet (pdf, 277kb)
Advice on preventing and dealing with midges and ticks