Great Glen Way 👣 Slighe a'Ghlinne Mhòir

Reports and Documents
Aisthisgean is Sgrìobhainnean

The Great Glen Way is committed to transparency and open working relationships with all.

On this page you will find links to a variety of reports written by the Rangers. These will hopefully provide you with information about:

  • planning and targets for the future
  • reviews and data from the past season
  • assessments of performance, success & improvements needed
  • details of partnership work along the Ways

If you would like any additional information, please contact the Rangers.

Annual Report 2009-10

Content: Route assessment, event and participant details, people counter data, workplans, marketing plans and events, leaflets and posters, donations, expenditure and general income summary, walker surveys, questionnaire results, awards applications, complaints register, risk assessment, performance indicators.

Read this if: you want a general overview of all aspects of the Great Glen Way in the last season, particularly management, visitor information and performance.

Business Workshop 2012 (pdf, 696kb)

Content: Attendee register, description of day, workshop content summary, panel discussion details, evaluation feedback & statistics. 

Read this if: you want to know what providers along the Glen are currently concerned about in terms of visitors, tourism and future business direction and opportunity.

Development Management Plan 2009-12 (pdf, 246kb)

Content: Management objectives - events, income generation, use of Gaelic, maintenance, A&S Guide.

Development objectives - shared route use, accommodation, liaising within Glen, workshop outcomes, communication and marketing strategies, interpretation and information strategies.

Read this if: you want to know how the Great Glen Way team is responding to changes in LDR visitor market and along Glen, and what improvements/alterations they are planning following suggestions of route users/partners/business and service providers. 

3yr Marketing Plan 2009-12 (pdf, 45kb)

Content: Planned marketing actions for website, brochures, commercial interaction, consumer PR, improving local awareness and merchandising. Projected expenditure and income.

Read this if: you want to know how the Great Glen Way team hopes to increase awareness of and improve the GGW and in turn the Great Glen brand in the longer term.