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To help you find what you need faster, we have collected links to all the information sheets available on the Great Glen Way website on this one page. They have been organised by topic and we have also provided a brief description, as well as file type and file size information for you.

Is there a resource missing? Something you would like to see? Please get in touch with the Rangers and let us know - we'll see what we can do!


Route Distances (pdf, 343kb)
New distances for the GGW by route section

Route Stages (pdf, 475kb)
Examples of how to break the GGW into stages

The Great Glen Way on Horseback (pdf, 103kb)
Outside agency report on riding the Great Glen Way on horseback

What to see on the Ways (pdf, 1mb)
Illustrated guide to features along the route

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Route Users

Camping along the Caledonian Canal (pdf, 635kb)
Advice for camping along the Canal

Are You Riding Responsibly? (pdf, 253kb)
British Horse Society advice for responsible behaviour on shared access routes

Horse Riding and Carriage Driving on Scotland's Towpaths (pdf, 701kb)
British Horse Society advice for responsible behaviour on towpaths

Dog Fouling (pdf, 103kb)
Advice for your dog on the route

Off Road Cycling - Good Practice (pdf, 1.52mb)
Tips and practical advice

Types of Camping (pdf, 302kb)
Information on wild, commercial and informal camping

Where to Go in the Great Outdoors (pdf, 366kb)
Advice on toileting outdoors

Wild Camping (pdf, 168kb)
Advice on wild camping

Multi-User Report (pdf, 104kb)

To see the accompanying maps for the Multi-User Report, please click on the relevant route section below:
Map 1 - Fort William - Gairlochy
Map 2 - Gairlochy - Laggan Locks
Map 3 - Laggan Locks - Fort Augustus
Map 4 - Fort Augustus - Alltsigh
Map 5 - Alltsigh - Drumnadrochit
Map 6 - Drumnadrochit - Abriachan
Map 7 - Abriachan - Inverness

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Cloudspotting Guide (pdf, 562kb)
Illustrated guide to basic cloud formations

Midge and Tick Advice Sheet (pdf, 277kb)
Advice on preventing and dealing with midges and ticks

Plants, Flowers, Trees and Shrubs Spotters Sheet (pdf, 3.2mb)
Illustrated guide to trees & shrubs along the route

Wildlife Card (pdf, 413kb)
Card for recording sightings of wildlife along the route

Wildlife Spotters Sheet (pdf, 4.39mb)
Illustrated guide to birds, mammals, insects and waterlife along the route

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Great Glen Ways Video
Ten minute promotional DVD (free to watch)


Abriachan (pdf, 1.10mb)
Local trails around Abriachan

Cannich (pdf, 113kb)
Local trails around Cannich

Drumnadrochit (pdf, 665kb)
Local trails around Drumnadrochit

Fort Augustus (pdf, 615kb)
Local trails around Fort Augustus

Fort Augustus Heritage Trail (pdf, 2.40mb)
Historic walk around Fort Augustus village

Invermoriston (pdf, 796kb)
Local trails around Invermoriston

Inverness (pdf, 267kb)
Local trails around Inverness

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Events Calendar (pdf)
Colour-coded timetable of all events along route in

Events Guidelines (pdf, 1.5mb)
Instructions and applying to run events along the route

Countryside Ranger Events (pdf)
Ranger events across Highland in 2015

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AS Initial Letter - 2016 (pdf, 129kb)
Explanation of the A&S Guide process

Info Sheet, GGW & GGCT Ads - 2016 (pdf, 469kb)
Examples of adverts

Accommodation & Services Guide Booking Form - 2016 (doc, 514kb)
Application to list your accommodation or service

Business Workshop Initial Letter - 2015 (pdf, 140kb)
Introduction to this year's Business Workshop in Invermoriston

Business Workshop Programme - 2015 (pdf, 385kb)
Programme of what's happening at this year's Business Workshop

Business Workshop Booking Form - 2015 (doc, 786kb)
To book a place at this year's Business Workshop, please complete this form and email it to [email protected]

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Great Glen Way Accommodation and Services Guide 2016 (Low res pdf, 3.4mb)
Digital version of 2016's Accommodation and Services Guide with low resolution images

Great Glen Way Accommodation and Services Guide 2016 (Hi res pdf, 24mb)
Digital version of 2016's Accommodation and Services Guide with high resolution images

Great Glen Way High Route Leaflet (pdf, 939kb)
Information about the newly opened High Route

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