Great Glen Way 👣 Slighe a'Ghlinne Mhòir

Improvement Programme
Prògram Leasachaidh

What is it?

The Great Glen Way is one of the UK's most stunning long distance routes. To help keep it that way we have launched this new programme which will allow users of the route to both protect and improve the Great Glen Way.

To kickstart the programme we originally chose three projects selected from our annual user route user survey. In 2010 we achieved our first goal, installing new seating, thanks to the generosity of the route users.

With the development of new initiatives in the Glen, such as the Canoe Trail and the Trailblazers' Rests, we have a total of five projects to help improve the routes for everyone.

Click on one of the project boxes below to find out more and to donate.

Click a project box to find out more and to donate.

How your donation will be used

All monies raised will go directly towards the funding of specific projects along the route. 100% of the money you donate will go towards the project of your choice. Your donation cannot be used for any other project than that which you choose. Each of the six chosen projects have been costed out and is ready to be implemented when this target is reached and any necessary planning consents have been granted. Money raised may be used to leaver further funds from other sources to enable the project to be delivered.

What users of the route have to say:

"A few more seats would be nice"

"Great walk but there is just too much road walking"

"A wild camping spot in the forest would be ideal"

These are just a few of the comments the Great Glen Way Rangers regularly hear from users of the Great Glen Way.

Are you one of the many who has thought something similar while walking or cycling along the route?

If so, then the Improvement Programme might just be something to interest you.

To find out more and to donate, click on one of the boxes on the left.