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08/12/2014 – Works being carried out on canal towpath

Scottish Canals has secured £600, price 000 of funding to upgrade the Caledonian Canal towpaths on the Sustrans National Cycle Network (NCN) Route 78. Towpath users may experience disruption in access along the towpath whilst these works are in progress. The contractors, MacKenzie Construction have site signage giving instruction for route users. Drivers of vehicles may be temporarily re-routed at certain locations, please follow on-site signage.

Stages of Works

  • Fort Augustus Chalet Park to Kytra Lock
  • Kytra Lock to Cullochy Lock
  • Cullochy Lock to Aberchalder Swing Bridge
  • Gairlochy Swing Bridge to Moy Swing Bridge
  • Moy Swing Bridge to Torbeag Cottage
  • Torbeag Cottage to Banavie Road Swing Bridge

Keep an eye on the Scottish Canals website for up-to-date information as the works progress.–boaters-updates


8/12/2014 – Works on the High Route

Contractors will be doing repairs on the High Route between Fort Augustus and Invermoriston, click above Invermoriston, medications and at the Grotaig end from Mon 8th Dec for at least one week. There are no access restrictions but there may be short delays when machines are in operation. Please follow advice on safety signs and from staff.

Works on the A82

Please be aware of works on the A82, adiposity 0.5 miles north of Fort Augustus taking place between Sunday 2nd November and Friday 7th November which may disrupt your journey. These works will take place between 8pm and 6am and no works are planned to take place during working hours. Please see the map below for the location of the works.


Works on the High Route

Due to recent storm damage from Monday 20th until Friday the 25th there will be harvesting operation on the High route of the Great Glen Way.  There will be no access restrictions as walkers safety will be managed by banks men and signage, recipe please for your own safety obey all signage and direction from site staff.

Works on NCN 78 paths between South Laggan and Aberchalder

Please be aware that work will be starting shortly on the laying of paths and surfaces for the new National Cycle Network 78 (Campbelltown to Inverness). There may be short sections of the route where you will be escorted through the works when machinery is operating between South Laggan and Aberchalder.

13/10/14 – Invergarry Historic Railway project works

As part of the Invergarry Historic Railway project, stuff heavy plan and machinery will be operating along a short section of the Great Glen Way at North Laggan during the week beginning 13th October and for one week only. It may be necessary on occasion to stop walkers for a short period, no more than 10mins at a time. All walkers and route users should follow signage and instruction from site staff/banksmen.

Work taking place on the High Route between Fort Augustus and Invermoriston

Work is taking place on the High Route between Fort Augustus and Invermoriston felling trees that have been damaged by the path building works. Access is being managed by a banksman and signage, generic and the work will continue for the foreseeable future. Please follow all directions and instructions from site staff and signage through the area.

Beauly Denny Transformer Delivery

Beauly Denny Transformer Delivery Information, advice Invergordon – Fort Augustus

The average speed that will be achieved during the journey will be 10mph therefore we will be escorted by Police Scotland for the entire journey to ensure the safety of members of public.”

Details of the route are as follows:

Saturday 23 August

08:00 hrs – Leave Invergordon – via Tore roundabout

12:00 hrs – Arrive Beauly Quarry

Sunday 24 August

00:00 hrs – Leave Beauly Quarry

01:00 hrs – Enter Cul’na’kirk (Road closure – A833 Kiltarlity to Cul’na’kirk, website 01:00 to 05:00)

05:00 hrs – Descend 15% grade to Drumnadrochit

06:00 hrs – Join A82 at Drumnadrochit (Road closure – A82 Drumnadrochit – Fort Augustus, and 06:00 to 12:00 hrs)

08:00 hrs – Leave A82 into Jenkins Park (Rolling closure – Jenkins Park/Auchterawe, 08:00 to 12:00 hrs) 10:00 to 12:00 hrs – Arrive Auchterawe Substation.

If you have any questions about the upcoming operation, please do not hesitate contacting a member of the project team on 0845 0701696 (24 hour customer contact number).

8/9/14 – Clunebeg Wood Timber Havesting Operations

Timber harvesting operations will be taking place on the Monday 8th September until the end of October 2014 near Drumnadrochit at Bunloit/ Clunebeg Wood.

There will be temporary restrictions on the path but banks men and signage will be in place to allow GGW users to pass as soon as it is safe to do so (See map attached). Please could all users follow directions and instructions from site staff and signage through this area.

Clunebeg Clunebeg2


19/08/14 – Ground prep work at Dalcataig

The Forestry Commission will be doing some ground prep work on the route at Dalcataig for approximately 4-6 weeks from 19th August. The area hatched in red shows where the ground work will be taking place next to the Great Glen Way in blue on this map. This should not affect route users too much but if heavy machinery is near the path please follow instructions and directions from banksmen.